Psycho Derek - The Anteater

From Sharon . . .

When the Belize Zoo receives wildlife that is suitable for release back into the wild, we step up to the plate and do our best to see that this can happen.

In the past, we have successfully releaed a jabiru stork, crocodiles, snakes, coatimundis, and kinkajous.

Recently, we were handed an adult anteater who was the sorry victim of a dog attack. His wounds were extensive, but his wild nature told us to work on the wound situation, and then send him back into the forest. We would, of course, be certain that his release would be far away from any village, no more dog attacks!!!

The video clip says it all. This fortunate fellow was released in a protected area not far from TBZ. We know that the lands where he was released, serve as a fine home to many species, anteaters included!

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Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the work you all are doing at the Belize Zoo. The video of the anteater release was really great!