Bruce Barcott Wins Literary Activism Prize

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"Bruce Barcott Wins Literary Activism Prize
By Jason Boog on Sep 24, 2009 12:23 PM

Author Bruce Barcott has won the inaugural, bi-annual Gene E. & Adele R. Malott Prize for Recording Community Activism. Barcott will receive a $1500 prize and an additional $1,000 will be donated to support community activism.

According to the release, Langum Charitable Trust, an Alabama-based private operating foundation, gave the prize for Barcott's book, 'The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird.' The trust also administers two other writing prizes: the David J. Langum, Sr. Prize in American Historical Fiction and the David J. Langum, Sr. Prize in American Legal History or Biography.

Here's a statement from David J. Langum, Sr., from the release: 'Barcott's book exemplifies the journalistic values which Gene and Adele Malott wanted to encourage and recognize. The book gives the reader a deeper understanding of the spirit of the activist, and the dedication it takes to fight for a cause.' "


Shivs said...

Congratulations to Bruce Barcott and to Sharon for the recognition they're receiving through this award and for the important work that both of them did in explaining the plight of the macaw, situated in the context of Belizean political difficulties and environmental politics. It was such a wonderful read and I recommend it to everyone as a good introduction to the country, demonstrating both the social and environmental complications that exist there.

Tom said...


Thanks for your comment and your "spot on" mini-review of Bruce's book.