Cortland Kitty is One Year Old!

From Sharon . . .

Back on August 9th our beautiful Cortland Kitty turned one year old! What does a Margay cat get for a birthday present? If you look closely, Cortland is munching away on a nice chicken foot. She loves them! A talented photographer spent time at the zoo recently, and was particularly enchanted with Cortland. Perhaps we will catch her on a calendar or greeting card one of these days. TBZ is always happy to see how our animals serve to bring the beauty of tropical wildlife into the homes and hearts of so many....Cortland Kitty is a star!!!

On October 28th, I will host a celebration of Cortland's birthday on the campus of her namesake, SUNY Cortland. The celebration will start at 8 p.m. in the Corey Union Exhibition Lounge, and will feature two bands (Tribal Revival and the SUNY Cortland Rock and Blues Ensemble), refreshments, and a birthday cake. If you are in the area please stop by and wish Cortland a belated happy birthday! If you need directions to the party or have any questions about the event contact Tom Pasquarello.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon this is Mike, the Cortland student who talked to you after your presentation in my class today. I just checked our cruise schedule and my family and I will be in Belize on Wednesday the 4th. I am extremely excited about the possibility of meeting all of the animals and the people that help to make this happen! I hope you see you at Cortland Kittys birthday party if you are still in the area.