Two Ambassadors for Climate Change

The Belize Zoo recently received a visit from our newly appointed USA Ambassador, Mr. Vinai Thummapalay. Ambassador Thummapalay has the issue of climate change high on his agenda, and realizes that the nation of Belize will be affected by this ongoing event. Recent reports show that within the upcoming decade, the profile of Belize will change significantly due to climate change.

Keeping in pace with this concern, The Belize Zoo has noted research accomplished thus far. Important studies state that in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change, forest habitat must be kept in good and sound condition. Keep forest standing, and there will be less bad impact from climate change.

Fitting in with this vital environmental philosophy is The Belize Zoo effort aimed towards restoring the magnificent Harpy Eagle back into our remaining forests. These large raptors require expansive tracts of forest for hunting and sustaining their species. It has been found that the Harpy Eagles released into the forests of Rio Bravo in northwestern Belize, through the Belize Harpy Eagle Restoration Program, travel great distances within the forests of our nation.

They can’t survive without bush, and lots of it! Ambassador Thummapalay was thrilled to “meet and greet” The Belize Zoo Ambassador for Climate Change: Panama” the Harpy Eagle.

The Ambassador clearly saw that the nature of a Harpy Eagle does not match a “first impression!” This is a big, big bird who certainly looks fierce, but most definitely has a gentle demeanor. Panama” happily accepted food from his new Ambassador friend. What fun! Also, what a special time to consider that one common goal, keeping tropical forest intact, will work to benefit both people and Harpy Eagles.

If our tropical forests remain healthy and strong, ALL species will benefit! The Belize Zoo says a happy Thank You to both Ambassador Thummapalay and Ambassador “Panama” for the good work they both do in sharing these important messages with everyone.

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