Baby Barn Owls at TBZ!

Check out these two baby barn owls, rescued just before Valentine's Day last month. Nearly missing a disastrous ending, they will be raised to be stellar ambassadors for their species. Barn owls are ultra persecuted in these parts...and that can change.

The owls were part of a 5 owlet clutch. A man in Orange Walk saw people standing around them, they had just been "evicted" from their roost, and were going to be "cancelled". Max Torres rescued them. He and his children cared for them for a short spell, saw that they needed more care than what they could provide, contacted me via Facebook. I jumped at the chance to have the owls. Barn Owls are feared in many places in Belize due to their unusual vocalizations, and "ghost like" looks...So Jolley and Little Guy are destined to be 4 Star Ambassadors for all barn owls.

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