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News from Sharon!

Junior Buddy is a Telemedia STAR!

All of us at The Belize Zoo are so happy about the Telemedia 2011 Telephone Directory. The cover is graced by our very own Jaguar Ambassador, Junior Buddy. This eye-catching photo was taken by Telemedia’s senior graphic representative, Mr. Stephen Yarwood. So exciting! With appropriate ceremony and applause, the new Telemedia Telephone Directory was officially unveiled at the zoo on Friday, the 1st of April.

Under the watchful eyes of the king vultures, BTL officials unveiled the portrait-sized framed cover. The photo of Junior Buddy immediately brought sounds of complimentary appraisal from all.

As noted by speakers Anjalee Vasquez and Sharon Matola, the 2011 Telephone Directory is not only a “must-have” resource for address and telephone contacts, it also accomplishes something that no other telephone directory in the world can claim. Our telephone directory draws important attention to the greatest wild cat in the Americas, the jaguar.

A concise narrative inside the directory points to the fact that Junior Buddy’s wild counterparts are in need of our protection. Also mentioned are the wildlands known as the "Jaguar Corridor." This forest, located to the north and to the south of the zoo, plays a vital role in seeing that our jaguars have a place to roam for many years to come.

Fine entertainment came from the La Democracia pre-school “gibnuts.” They gleefully sang the “Junior Buddy Song” and were beaming with joy when BTL folks handed them each a Junior Buddy puzzle, as a memento of the special event.

After the unveiling, Mr. Stephen and BTL official Mr Mariano, enjoyed an “up close and personal” meet and greet with Jaguar Ambassador Junior Buddy. Junior Buddy must have sensed the importance of his happy visitors. He enthusiastically kissed them both! Each official from BTL then went to meet Problem Jaguar Rehab graduate, “FieldMaster,” who gave each a big jaguar “high five”. The Belize Zoo is very honoured by Belize Telemedia’s choosing Junior Buddy as their 2011 telephone Director cover. Good For Belize, and very good for jaguars, too!

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