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I have just learned that the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic (BWRC), an organization that brings students to the Belize Zoo to enhance their vet training, needs our help. They have placed in the top five for a $25,000 USD prize in a contest called "Inspiration in Action." The public votes on the top finalists and the one with the most votes wins. The contest is sponsored by a U.S. organization called Heska, which works with veterinary products. Only U.S. citizens can vote.

SUNY Cortland readers, you will remember that the Belize Zoo named a Margay kitten "Cortland" in honor of SUNY Cortland's support for the zoo. Cortland is now a full-grown Margay (about the size of a large house cat). It takes a lot of money to care for Cortland and the other animals at the zoo, and veterinary services are a large part of the cost. The main founder of BWRC, Dr. Isabelle Pacquet-Durand, helps keep Cortland and the other Zoo animals free of parasites.

BWRC is also doing amazing work with the wildlife of Belize and has big dreams to do more. Dr. Paquet-Durand works tirelessly to support wildlife conservation efforts; domestic animal health and welfare; and the veterinary profession in Belize through medical services, education, research, and collaboration.Please take a moment during this busy time of year to vote and help this small Belizean organization. To vote, go to: http://www.heska.com/Inspiration-Wall.aspx

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Catherine Todd said...

Thank you for this all-important information. I live in Guatemala part time and hope to visit the wildlife foundation in nearby Belize. Wonderful work they are doing, and so glad they won the prize!

Coupons For The Zoo said...

Glad to hear they won! Wish voting was still open so we could show our support for the zoo and animals all over the globe.