TBZ and Jaguar Education in the News

Hunting jaguars is against the law in Belize. Despite this fact, several weeks ago, an adult jaguar was killed in the Corozal District village of Caledonia. The Belize Zoo responded to this incident with an education campaign, aimed at children, to teach them not to view jaguars as a threat or to fear them.

Kudos to The Belize Zoo! The full story can be read on Belize's 7 News Channel web site, HERE.

" .  . . the objective was to turn it into something positive to involve this community that have these jaguars and other wildlife very near their community and interact with them probably on a daily basis and the whole concept is simply education and awareness making them have a sense of pride and respect for these animals that they live in close contact with every single day and for them to understand our value in the conservation of our forest and in all the industries that its connected to."  "We were very well received today and so we felt the objective was met."

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