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Our entire staff was all smiles when we recently learned that The Belize Zoo received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the year 2013.  TripAdvisor, known throughout the world, is often called the “guru of trip advice”.   We charted a 4 ½ star rating out of a possible 5 star award!  TripAdvisor interpretation of this puts The Belize Zoo among the top ten percent of attractions worldwide.
Proud?  Sure we are.  And we are committed to living up to this superb designation.   Our noted accomplishments include becoming an accessible destination in Belize.   Belizeans with disabilities now have the opportunity to visit “The Best Little Zoo in the World”, as our upgraded pathways are very “wheelchair and walker friendly”.  Moms with strollers appreciate our easy-access walkways, too.  By Christmas, we are expecting to see the entire zoo accessible. 

Sometimes, the upgrades and changes at the zoo are not readily noticed by our visitors.  We are currently working on an exciting  “mountain cow strategy”,  which will see a new addition to popular “Tapir Town”……Watch out for the soon-to-be-on-zoo grounds, the one and only “Fuego the tapir”.    “Fuego”  was rescued in the height of the dry season, when horrific fires were burning throughout the west of the country.   Arriving as a baby to The Belize Zoo, he has been cared for and coddled by our zoo staff over the months.    When “Fuego” makes his debut to “Tapir Town”, his people-loving nature will bring many smiles to all. 

For the past few weeks, zoo staff have been working  on the introduction of our beautiful ornate hawk eagles.   They have lived side-by-side, but not together, for over three years.   Animal introductions should be done gradually, allowing them to accept each other into their home territories.   And are they now a happy hawk-eagle couple?    Delightfully so!  Seeing these beautiful large raptors side-by-side,  is a joy.

And who can leave the zoo not feeling happy after spending time viewing famous and gorgeous “Lucky Boy , our black jaguar?  Once shy and reserved, “Lucky Boy” now seems to enjoy the admiring looks from his visitors, and thrills all with his “stalking behavior”.

“Brutus” our 12 foot American crocodile, never fails to bring about a gasp from his visitors.  “Brutus” has a kind nature, but his massive profile doesn’t usually lead to visitors feeling warm and cuddly towards the fellow.   So!  We are fortunate to have “Rose” the American croc, ready to meet and greet people at the front of the zoo.  Holding her and understanding the special profile of this species of reptile is a memorable experience.  “Rose” the croc is an excellent Ambassador for her fellow American crocodiles out there in the Belizean wild.

All of these exciting “critter-happenings”, and more,  stand behind our latest honoured designation from TripAdvisor.   All at the zoo are so very proud and happy,  and we look forward to continuing on as “The Best Little Zoo in the World”.

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