Jerome Gives SHED a Try!!!!

From Sharon. . .

Jerome Flores, our consultant for SHED, Stroller-Handicap-Elderly-Disabled, new walkway (still under construction), paid a visit to the zoo to give the remarkable path a try out. Joined by Berto Wohlers and Tony Garel, who oversee the progress of SHED, the trio had an enjoyable “wheel around” the zoo.

The contrast between the loose-gravel pathway and the SHED upgrade, is truly something to applaud. No longer will guests who are not as mobile as some of us, be left out from a fun zoo visit. There is still much to do, but even with our recent rainy spells, good progress is being made. At this time, the SHED pathway skirts around the jaguar area of the zoo. This is because work is currently going on there to provide Black Jaguar Lucky Boy with his new home.

Jerome also got an initial view of the new SHED deck in front of Jaguar Junior Buddy. The gentle slope will be ever-so-welcoming to any wheelchair, cane, or slow-moving zoo guest. Jerome gave it a HUGE Paws Up! Junior even sauntered over to greet the trio, and would like to see the SHED deck finished as soon as possible. That “Panthera-Prima-Donna” is truly missing attention!

Fundraising in order to see this vital work come to a successful completion is still going on. And PLEASE! If you enjoy good food and good beer and fine company, come out to Flagstaff Mess on Sunday the 28th of October….start up is 2pm! A PIGGIE ROAST with all the trimmings and special guest, Bal Boa, for photo ops with the kids. The price is a mere 20.00, and kids are half of that. Sponsored by BATSUB, this PIGGIE Feast will be a memorable afternoon for all (except for the Piggie…).

Jerome will be doing The Belize Zoo a great honour on the 12th of December. He will be cutting the ribbon to the new SHED pathway, and the day promises to be a very exciting, happy, and fulfilling event.

Meanwhile, we were all happy to see the smile on Jerome’s face as he sampled the SHED pathway. Thank you, Jerome, you are the SHED Inspiration!

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