"Alan Rabinowitz . . . meet Daqueen"

From Sharon....

Alan Rabinowitz, the scientist who came to Belize more than 20 years ago and changed the way the nation and our people view the jaguar, recently returned! His fieldwork in the 1980s, resulted in the establishment of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is well-known as the only protected area in the world specifically established to focus upon the preservation of the jaguar. Alan, author of four books, now heads up the organization, Panthera. Based in New York, Panthera puts its skills and energies towards big cat preservation. He was accompanied by his assistant, Nicole Williams, and they are working to establish strong linkages in Belize so that Panthera's work can go forward to benefit jaguar conservation. At The Belize Zoo, Alan and Nicole saw the problem jaguar rehabilitation and research center, had a "close encounter" with Junior Buddy, our charismatic "education jaguar", and met with our staff. Alan had never had the opportunity to share space with a Harpy Eagle, so we took advantage of this "gap" in his life and introduced the one and only Alan Rabinowitz, to the one and only Daqueen - our female Harpy.

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tapirgal said...

Great post, Sharon. I really enjoyed this. Don't ask me why it took me a year to find your blog! I've linked up to you now, though!