Junior Buddy Has a Theme Song!

The big cats in the Jaguar Rehab program at the Belize Zoo each have their own song that Sharon sings to them help them get used to being around humans. Now, thanks to the SUNY Cortland Rock and Blues Ensemble, you can hear a rockin' version of the song she sings to Junior Buddy, the Belize Zoo's famous "Education Jaguar." To hear the song, just click on the following link: Junior Buddy is a Jaguar

The song features the following faculty and staff members of the ensemble: Steven Barnes on keyboard, Rick Harris on guitar, Colleen Kattau on vocals, Tom Pasquarello on harmonica, Mark Prus on bass, and Mark Taylor on drums. Keep checking the Belize Zoo blog for an upcoming music video of "Junior Buddy is a Jaguar."

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Jean Liv said...

Hi Tom ,
I went to the site to listen to the Jag song and think it's cute. I see a whole (kids?) album of songs about zoo animals. Profit for the zoo of course! Love the crazy harmonica!