Internships at the Belize Zoo

Internship opportunities abound at the Belize Zoo. Puja Kalaria, from Great Britian, is interning at the zoo as part of the Personal Overseas Development Program (for more information about Personal Overseas Development visit their website at www.thepodsite.co.uk). These photos of Puja feeding the zoo's magnificent Harpy Eagle Daqueen, and getting a high five from "Spokesjaguar" Junior Buddy show the kind of experiences that await Belize Zoo interns. For more information about the Belize Zoo's internship program check out the zoo's website. The State University of New York (SUNY) awards college credit for zoo internships as part of SUNY Cortland's Belize Development Internship Program. For more information about SUNY Cortland's Belize Development Internship Program send an e-mail to thomas.pasquarello@cortland.edu.

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Lindsay Kennedy said...

The Belize Zoo is a REALLY fantastic place - the people are spectacular. I would recommend getting involved to anyone who has the opportunity.