Today Show visits the Belize Zoo

from Cortland the Margay....

We had a lot of excitement at the zoo recently when Kerry Sanders from NBC's Today Show paid a visit! He talked with Sharon about Tapirs (the national animal of Belize) and King Vultures, and got up close and personal with a playful Kotamundi. He even got a kiss from my buddy Junior Buddy the Jaguar! To see a video of his visit click here, and to read what Kerry had to say about his visit click here. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to visit with Kerry because my Mom and I are off-exhibit for a while to make sure I have plenty of time to play with her and all my zookeeper friends so I can grow up big and strong. Before I get back to playing I just want to remind you that the Belize Zoo depends entirely on admissions and donations to make ends meet, and we are feeling the pinch from the global economic crisis like everyone else, so please visit the zoo's website and make a donation so I can get new pair of gloves to chew on for Christmas!

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