Happy Birthday Junior Buddy!

From Sharon . . .
On February 25, 2009 we celebrated Junior Buddy's 2nd Birthday!!! More than 100 children were happy to share this 'big day" with our famous education jaguar. The celebration brought attention to the fact that jaguars need our protection, so that they can survive into the future.

The Belize Zoo is located SMACK in the center of Belize's "Jaguar Corridor," a string of forests that support these majestic animals.

The Democracia Gibnuts, a famous group of rock 'n rollers from our neighboring pre-school, sang Junior Buddy his very own song, and local television covered the happy occasion. Click here to listen to a grown-up version of the song.

Children received education handouts and stickers from Education Director Celso Poot, and to round out their fun day, cupcakes and fresh lime juice were served to all!

As for Junior Buddy? He seemed to love all of the attention!

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