Zoo volunteers get the job done!

From Sharon...

Don Griffin is a "retired guy who can do just about anything," and he recently volunteered his skills for a month at the Belize Zoo. Don is an amazing guy! Besides fixing anything that needs fixing, he is also skilled at refurbishing skeletons--and his talents in this area enhanced the zoo's "Dem Bones" exhibit at the Puma homestead. While staying at the zoo's Tropical Education Center, Don became a big fan of kayaking on the Sibun River, where he saw (among other things) otters, coatimundi, and big iguanas. He also got to see Jabiru Storks on the river, which he described as "a thrill". We at the Belize Zoo are fortunate that thousands of people like Don from all over the world donate their time, money, energy, and skills to support our work. If you'd like to support our work by becoming a member or donating to the zoo, check out the membership page of the Belize Zoo website.

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