Big PAWS UP from Trip Advisor!

From Sharon Matola:

The Belize Zoo received exciting news recently that the most visited internet travel authority worldwide, TripAdvisor, has given the zoo a remarkable 4.5 out of a possible 5 star rating for excellence! How did this come about? Numerous people who have visited the “Best Little Zoo in the World”, took the time to share their fun and worthwhile zoo visit with others….they posted their fun Belize Zoo experience on TripAdvisor, proud to share their special time at the zoo with other people who may be considering destinations to explore while visiting Belize.

Our guest sign-in book, located at our entry building, also mirrors this.  Comments are always positive. Not unexpected, the zoo crew receiving the highest number of OH WOW remarks include our famous jaguar “Junior Buddy”, as well as the mountain cow troop.  We make a big effort towards keeping all of the zoo crew “people-friendly”, so that visitors can get a close and personal encounter with the wildlife which is so special to Belize.   “Panama” the harpy eagle” is not shy at all about flying down to get mere meters away from his awe-struck guests.   “Mrs B “ and “Brutus” our two huge and beautiful American crocodiles, will happily trundle out from their pond to meet and greet their visitors.  

And now, we are positioned to become an even better nature-destination in Belize.  How so?  Our current focus is to transform The Belize Zoo into a SHED zoo.   Becoming a (S)Stroller-(H)Handicap-(E)Elderly-(D)Disable- Friendly destination is on the front burner of our must-see-happen plans of transformation.    Yes!  We are so proud of this recent designation of honour from TripAdvisor, but our goal to become accessible to ALL the people of Belize, no matter what the physical profile commands, is of prominent importance to the entire Belize Zoo staff.  

Belizeans in wheelchairs, or walking with need of a cane, babies in strollers and just plain wonderful older folks will be able to easily enjoy the magical animal kingdom which calls The Belize Zoo home.  A easy-to-walk- and wheel-upon pathway,  will wind itself around the zoo’s  exquisite animal enclosures.  Shaded and comfortable rest stops will be there for all.  Handrails will assist our elderly visitors.

And we look forward to a closer working relationship with the Belmopan Rotary Club .  Our common mission to see that kids with special needs can enjoy the wildlife of their country is playing a big role in fueling both Rotary and Zoo efforts.    United in this worthwhile goal, we will certainly see that the important objectives are met and met with spirit and gusto!

We thank TripAdvisor for this very positive note of approval!  And we eagerly are working towards becoming an even better nature destination in beautiful Belize.   

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