The Eagle Has Landed

Sharon recently shared the following . . . 

Zoo officials were very happy to have been contacted by Mrs. Gina Zabaneh a short while back. She had opened her Eagle’s Landing restaurant, on the Western Highway, just to the east of the Garden City, Belmopan. The roomy and airy dining spot features Belizean cuisine delights.And the restaurant symbol, chosen some time ago, was a Bald Eagle.

Since the Harpy Eagle is a bird proudly living in Belize, Gina wanted to alter the eagle image a bit, creating a local bird representative for Eagle’s Landing. We were more than happy to help! For starters, two posters of “Panama”, the hero Harpy Eagle at The Belize Zoo, were presented to Eagle’s Landing.

Next, Education Officer Jamal Andrewin “re-eagled” the restaurant menu.The Harpy Eagle proudly invites guests to view the menu  with our handsome Harpy overlooking the pages. The food is great Belizean fare! Having a Harpy Eagle introduce each meal is a proud reminder that these birds, native to our Belize and very uncommon, will benefit from as much publicity as possible.

A slight change to the menu, however! Rather than offering “eagle wings” and “eagle tidbits” to hungry restaurant visitors, Mr. Andrewin slightly altered this, to “eco-eagle wings” and companion appetizer, “eco-eagle tidbits”. “Panama “ would most definitely appreciate those minor changes.

On Sunday, the 22nd of September, The Eagle’s Landing is having a “Family Day”. And for all patrons, after enjoying their Eagle’s Landing meal, and then travelling a bit further east to The Best Little Zoo in the World,  and showing a receipt from Family day at Eagle’s Landing Restaurant, will be welcomed into the zoo for no charge. What a fine dessert, and such a fun way to celebrate our country’s Independence!

Education Officer Jamal isn’t stopping there. He wants Mrs. Gina Zabaneh to come to the zoo, meet “Panama“ the Harpy Eagle, and have a photograph taken so that she can proudly display this in Eagle’s Landing Restaurant.

So, please, move aside, Bald Eagle!  THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!  

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