From Sharon Matola . . .

So many people are coming to the zoo and looking for Lucky Boy.  His fan club is active, that’s for certain, and he has become used to being “a prima donna".  He certainly knows his name, and when called, Lucky Boy doesn’t appear, he “performs”.

What does that mean in black jaguar-speak?  Well, the boy slowly and carefully “stalks” from the back of his new home, until he stealthily reaches the front.  As cameras click left and right, he actually seems to recognize that he is pleasing his visitors.

In the late afternoons, Lucky Boy shows off his swimming skills, too.  He will dive into his pond and to the delight of visitors, swim around and around as if he were training for the “Jaguar Olympics”.  Zookeeping staff decided that putting a couple of large tilapia fish in the pond would add to his aquatic adventures.  Guess what?  Lucky Boy could care less.  He swims along with the tilapia and is no threat to their pond scenario at all!

Lucky Boy continues to enjoy his “encounters”.   There is an encounter enclosure in the back, and when visitors enter, Lucky Boy readily appears.  He happily gives his guests an enthusiastic “high five” and then shows off another trick, a “yoga stretch”.  The stretch is meant to show his massive size.  This gorgeous black feline is 6 ft 8 inches from the tip of this handsome tail to the tip of his kiss-able nose.

In January, Cornell Vet School during a clinic, tranquilized Lucky Boy.  Due to having damaged teeth from his unfortunate past, he was given two root canals.  This has assured that Lucky Boy has pain-free eating.  He was also weighed.  This big black fellow tipped the scales at 165 lbs.  All three vets present were insistent that Lucky Boy gain thirty more pounds.  Well, was he ever happy with that diagnosis!  Lucky Boy loves to eat!  And we are happy to comply. 

Come and visit Lucky Boy!  He makes many people proud that there are so quite a few two-legged animals who understand and agree with the Mahatma Gandhi words:  “The  
Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress Can be Shown in the Way its Animals are Treated”.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I first heard about Lucky Boy was from a Korean documentary show, Law of the Jungle lately. Heart was broken when I saw his early picture and even more after I googled about his story. Glad to know that he is getting better and healthier! I will definitely visit him and the zoo when I have a chance!