It’s Party Time for Predators at the Belize Zoo!

The Belize Zoo recently celebrated two important milestones, with a fantastic “Predator Party” for Junior Buddy the Jaguar’s sixth birthday and Panama the Harpy Eagle’s tenth birthday. To mark the occasions, zoo officials invited children from La Democracia Pre-School and the Infant Two class from the Howard Smith School in Benque Viejo del Carman to join in the celebration and learn more about the contribution of these apex predators to the health of the forest.

 Environmental Educator Jamal Andrewin-Bohn shared information on wildlife conservation with the children and, as a special treat, gave them an up-close encounter with Lucky Boy, the black jaguar whose rescue by the zoo and return to good health in its care has captured the hearts of people all over Belize and beyond. All in all, it was another great day at the “Best Little Zoo in the World!”

Watch this wonderful video to learn more about the Predator Party and to hear Sharon Matola and Jama Andrewin-Bohn discuss two of our favorite predators! Party on!


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